Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Day

I made this card for a image challenge for SGGW. The image is actually hostessed by me. I have had the stamp and saying for months, and I needed a reason to sit down and use it. So, I was thinking it was a rather easy image, but I sat down for 3 hours playing around with it. Finally, I came up with this. I had actually bought all these different pattern papers to make my daughter's birthday scrapbook pages (yeah, like I scrapbook), but instead I made this card. I am still not sure about the purple, but, you know what, This card took 3 hours to make, so as far as I am concerned it has to be fine. As KDC would say "If you want perfect, go to hallmark". Hope my partner likes it.

1 comment:

Kerry D-C said...

Delicious! Delectable! Scrumptious!