Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years BLOG CANDY.........

What better way to start off the New Year, than with BLOG CANDY..........

Before I get into all the details, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for visiting my blog. You are my motivation to create. You all are so wonderful. I know I didn't make it to a lot of blogs last year, but as most of you know, between working nights and going to school, I was crazy busy with very little time. This year will be different and I am going to make time to visit as many blogs as I can on a regular basis.

So, the big R question. Did you make any New Years resolutions this year? Every year I do and every year I fail. SO this year I picked things that I feel like are "MUST HAVE" changes, and I am going to do my darn est to follow through.
1. cook more home cooked meals. We have such a crazy schedule, we usually end up eating whatever is easy. I am hoping to change that,
2. Do some sort of physical acivity at least 3-4 days a week. I just bought the biggest loser for the Wii. I am going to try that out.
3. Eat healthier and get my family to eat healthier. My husbands cholesterol is through the roof, and his sugars are increasing, so he needs to change as well, but that will have to be through me, as he would eat crap all day.
4. I need to look for a new job. One that allows me to work in the day and allow me more time with my family. no more nights and weekends.

Okay, back to the blog will win 10 stamps, and 3 packs of valentines embellishments, So, what do you have to do? First, you have to link me up on your blog, second, you have to leave me a comment about your New Years resolutions, if you made any, and also please post a link of your blog link so I can confirm, that you linked me up :) That is all. I will have my daughter draw a name from a bag next Sunday. Good luck and thanks for playing


ribenaruby said...

Happy New Year! Brilliant yummy candy, don't usually make or keep any resolutions but I could use up all the purchases I've made before buyng any more! Love following your blog, link is on side bar.

Benedicte said...

happy new year!
unfortunately I dont have any New Years resolutions, but I wish you good luck on yours.
I have posted about your candy on my blog,
thanks for the chance to win.
hugs, Benedicte

Benedicte said...

I forgot to post the link:

Moni said...

So great candy, love to win it!I did post about your candy on my blog:
My resolution is to craft more and to make more jeweellry and to sell them. Hugs,Moni

Dragonlady said...

Hi Kristen,

Fab candy and good luck with the resolutions.

I am hoping to increase the amount of excersize I do once my youngest starts nursery.
I would also like to use my stash instead of buying new stuff all the time!!

Hugs Ali x

PS I linked to you on my sidebar.

Pia said...

I do not have a blog, in fulfillment of my goal to de-stress my life and stop doing things that brought un-necessary stress. As for resolutions, I don't really make them because they are too easy to break. However, I will start exercising again. I stopped when I was not feeling well a few months ago. I will also cook better we can all afford to lose some weight at my house.
I want to clear my craft area, and pass on what I don't use!

Larisa said...

Hello Kristen!! :-)
I like your blog. I became a follower already.
Many thanks for the chance to win this nice candy. I linked it on sidebar.
Many hugs from Larisa. Happy New Year! )))))

Teresa Kline said...

I wanted to say your creations are fabulous, wonderful need to enter me in the blog candy, I have more than I can New Year to you and your family!

enjoy *~*

Katja said...

Very nice 2010 candy!!! He's very welcome in The Netherlands... Hahahah
I became a follower and linked your blog. Come visit my blogspot at
Happy newyear

Lynne in NI said...

Happy New Year Kristen and good luck with your resolutions! Mine is to clean first and craft second! ~(not holding out much hope on that one!)
Linked you in my sidebar

Lori said...

Good Luck with your biggest loser project. The exercise is crucial to you and hubby, especially if cholesterol is high. I had a heart attack just over a year ago and some things I learned is for diet...reduce fat intake, excercise daily (even if walking), Use only Olive or Peanut oils in cooking. Vegetable and Canola oils can kill you fast. Lots of Garlic and Onions too! Take Fish oil and asperin daily! Sorry to make this so long, but would love to chat with you by e-mail about above info. I haven't made any new years resolutions, as I never follow them....oh, the pressure...LOL! I love your blog and follow you daily! Have linked you to my blog as well.
stamper572000 at yahoo dot com
Hugs Lori

Unknown said...

Hi there,
Not really resolutions but be happy, be healthy, change the things I can and accept the things I cannot.
Dawn xx

Unknown said...

Ooops, forgot to mention I am a follower and linked you in my sidebar
Dawn xx

Clara said...

Thanks for the chance to win the great blog candy! Your link is on the right side of my blog. Good luck with your new years resolutions, mine was to start back to weight watchers and I am planning on going to my first meeting on Wednesday. :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsten!
Happy New year to you.
Thanks for offering this lovely blogcandy and the chance to win this!I do'nt have a real New years resolution,but I am planning to read more stories to my little daughter.
I've put a link on my blog: Stempelientje and keep my fingers crossed!
Greetings from Stempelientje.

Michelle Quinno said...

Sweeeet candy, Kristen!! Happy New Year.

I always end up making the same resolution - lose weight by exercising more and eating less. It never works so I thought I'd try reverse psychology.

kisieltruskawkowy said...

I've never made resolutions because I've never done it :) But I cross my fingers for you and your resolutions.

Ellen said...

Happy New Year Kristen and good luck with your resolutions! I didn't make one! ;-)

Ellen said...

Oh, forgot the link....

Here you can find my blog.

fusiafscrapping said...

Wonderful candy.
Thanks for the chance to win!!!
Your candy looks lovely :)
I've added a link to the sidebar
My resolution are to lose weight and spent less money for buying new stuff.


Happy New Year!

Yvonne Russell said...

I'm so pleased to have found your blog... inspirational!

I've become a follower, and have added your blog to my favourite blogs list in the sidebar. I have also added a pic and a link to your blog candy in my sidebar.

My new year's resolution this year is to have more fun! That means more fun time with the family and more fun time for me... yes, and that includes cadmaking. :)


Piali said...

Happy New Year Kristen!!!
Good Luck with your resolutions..
I have a few..first is to spend the least for craft goodies...and use my already purchased craft stuff more...I'm addicted to new stamps and all, so hope I stick to my resolutions this
I've the link of your fab candy on my blog sidebar..thanks for chance to win.

MiamiKel said...

Happy New Year! As for resolutions, I've really tried this year to focus on being more organized and get our finances in order & make better financial decisions for our children :) I usually make resolutions each year (the traditional dieting!) and alas, it's broken by Feb 1st! Thanks for the chance to win - I have linked you to my side bar here!

Nataša said...

Thank you for the chance to win this fabulous candy. I've put your candy picture with the link in my sidebar .
My resolutions are more crafting, more blogging and offcourse losing weight. :)
hugs, Natasa

Melanies Stempel Grusskarten said...

Hi Kristen,

These are beautiful stamps. I wish you and your family a Happy New Year and good luck to all. Bye Melanie

Mandy said...

This year I am joining in on the POTD (picture of the day) fun. I know several people who did this last year and loved it.

Love those cute!

I linked your blog on my sidebar.

Sophie said...

Happy new year!!!

Beautiful stamps!!!

Jacilynn said...

Happy new years! I can relate to your resolutions. I will be having a baby soon and want to get back into "shape" this year. I've linked you on my sidebar.

Denimo said...

New Year's resolution, huh. I've really given up on making them. But I have made two... drink more water and step up my 'being green' efforts. Thanks for the chance to win such great candy!

Tatjana said...

Thanks for the chance to win. A link to your blog candy in my sidebar.

Heike said...

Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful candy, Ißm your follower.

Hugs Heike

Tanya said...

Happy New Year!!! My resolution, be more active?!?!? I must get back in shape :)

Thanks for that blog candy. Here's my blog :

Creativika said...

What a great candy! Thanks for the chance to win! I linked it on the sidebar of my blog.
I didn't manage to make any plans for 2010 ....yet...:)

Best wishes!

Unknown said...

I like you plan on getting my weight back on track. It's such hard work but worth it!
Here's my link to your candy!

wintam said...

Well, I have a weird resolution this year - to send all my hand made birthday cards early enough so they will arrive on time! Since last years resolution was to make all the birthday cards I send (and I did!), this is a "second-part-resolution"', but it still counts, doesn't it?
Anyway I add your amazing candy on my blog's side bar at

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Hi Kirsten,

I am new to your blog. What lovely candy you are giving away!

I have a few New Years Resolutions this year. Firstly, my main resolution is to reach my target weight - 14lbs to go! (I lost 42lbs last year)my second resolution is to post more on my blog!

Thanks for the chance to win and I have put a link in my sidebar.

Lou x

Regina said...

hello, Kirsten

you have some wonderful creations on your blog and a super candy offering.
I have added your candy in my side bar.

My new year resolution is to live every day with full energy and being thankful for every day that will pass without misery!

Thanks for the chance to join in.

Sending hugs

Lisa said...

happy new Year!!! Thanks for the chance to win I added your candy to my side bar too

KarenB said...

Thanks for the chance to join in your New Year giveaway. I have ONE NY resolution this year... to find joy everyday. There are so many things to be distracted by, problems, challenges and frustrations, that it's so easy to lose track of the small things each day that bring joy.
I'd love you to visit me at:

Viji Siddharth said...

Thanks for the chance kristen! Happy new year to you and your loved ones. I have linked the candy to my sidebar. The one resolution I have is to scrap more and take more photos. I want to enjoy my little one. Hugs

Unknown said...

I would first like to say that you make very beautiful cards. I'm new to this & I hope to learn a lot!!! Also, thank you for giving us a chance to win!!

My New Years resolutions are:
1: Get my butt in gear & start doing a lot more scrapbooking!

2: Do lots of practicing on learning how to make all of these gorgeous cards!!! **I really hope I can get good at this**!!

Thank you again!!

Here is the post I made on my blog:

De Creakeet van Peet said...

love the stamps you can win in this candy! My New years resolutons are...non, i will go futhter like i did last year! Love Peet

Katarina said...

What a great candy, thanks for the chance. I've linked you on my candypost:


Unknown said...

Hi, I have just found your lovely site x Hope I am not too late for your blog candy :@( I am a follower and you are linked on my site:

My new years resolution is: To take one step at a time, and if I dont do well, just take a step back not give up because I feel I have failed x

Heres hoping.....................

Malwina said...

wonderful candy! thanks for the chance to win. link in
my sidebar.

Anonymous said...

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