Friday, March 6, 2009

Celebrating 10,000 hits with blog candy!

Happy FRIDAY! Fridays for me usually mean blogger's challenge, but due to midterms and a sick daughter, I didn't have time to play. Maybe tonight.

As you can see, I have hit 10,000 post and if have been a reader of my blog, then you know I love to give away blog candy. As always I have picked a few of my favorite items to give away. I will being doing things a little different than I have done previously. I am giving away three different prizes, so we will have 3 different winners. I will choose the first winner, and they will get to choose which product they like, the second person gets to choose whats left of the 2 products and the third winner gets whatever is left. You really can't go wrong, as I feel like they are all great products.

The products are The newly released enchanted lily set by Pin Cat Studio. 2 new punches by EK Success. These are wonderful punches and do punch better than the Martha Stewart punches.

SO, I would like to say THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for coming to visit my blog and always leaving such wonderful comments. I know how busy life gets, and I feel so fortunate to have such wonderful followers who take time out to leave a quick post. You all inspire me to get more creative. Thank you for helping me make my blog successful! I truly and honestly appreciate every comment you leave. You are the best!


1. Leave me a comment, and tell me what you enjoy most about a blog. Challenges, art, stories, whatever it is that draws you to a blog.

2. Spread the word!

3. I of course would love for you to follow me, but that is not a must.

4. SMILE!!!!! it's friday.



Anonymous said...

Hiya hunni!

My fav thing about blogging is all the lovely people you meet along the way! oo and the challenges!

congrats on your hits off to spread the word

hugs carly xx

JenMarie said...

WOWzers, GREAT giveaway!
My favorite thing about a blog is PICTURES!
I'll spread the word!

akagreenhouse said...

I love seeing the great projects and instructions that blogs have. I also have enjoyed getting glimpses of the real people behind the blog.

Estela said...

Hi there! Congrats on your hits!!! That's pretty sweet!!
My fave thing about blogging is learning about new products. There are so many out there, and it's great seeing them actually used, bot just as a short blurb description on a shopping site.

Moni said...

Waw gorgeous candy, love to win it! I love your work, you made gorgeous cards! I am your follower! I linked you on my blog! Hugs, Moni

Donnas Den said...

Wow great blog candy.

I love seeing the wonderful creations and finding out a bit about everyday life around the world.

I've put your candy on my sidebar.

Thanks a lot,


scotspanda said...

wow what a lovely candy :o) very sweet and good for the diet too lol

I am off to link you up to my candy box


Amanda xx

Natalie Z said...

Hello! Congrats on your hits!!!
My faver thing about a blog is a very nice picture of cards.
I've linked your candy on my sidebar under the section "Blog Candy". Thanks for a chance to win!

Jennifer said...

Hi there. I really like sharing ideas and getting to know a bit about creative people, especially around the world. thanks for the fun candy you are offering!


Annita said...

wowie what a yummy blog candy !!
My fave thing about blogs is making new friends and the inspiration !

congrats on the hits !!

Jacilynn said...

oooh great candy! I love your blog. the best thing about blogs is the challenges and the candy!!!!! love em both. Thanks for offering the candy. fingers crossed.

ribenaruby said...

Huge congratulations on your milestone! I love to see the variety of cardmaking ideas whilst blog hopping. Link is on the right jubbly list.

Анешка said...

Blogs give me inspiration for new works.
Thank you for the сhance to win such great prizes. I have already pointed to a puncher, and cross my fingers;) Thank you for a joy!
I've put your candy on my sidebar.

Unknown said...

I love seeing all the art & inspiration on blogs. Great candy! Will linkk you in my candy bowl at

Benedicte said...

lovely blogcandy.

you meet so many wonderful people through blogging!

I've linked your candy on my left sidebar

hugs, Benedicte

Basement Stamper said...

Wowza! You are going crazy today!

I love to see all the creations of a blog. That's the first thing that draws me in and if the person has funny stories, that's another draw.

I'm definitely copics just arrived.

I've got you linked on my blog:

carine said...

hey,great giveaway...congrats on your to post a link on my blog

Ciacchina said...

Wow great blog cand, love to win it! My fav thing about blogging is meet so many wonderful people, making new friends and the inspiration.
I've put your candy on my sidebar and now I am your follower.
Hugs from Italy

Jenny V. said...

Wow great giveaway. Congrats on your 10,000 hits. I love that Enchanted Lily stamp set.Thanks for the chance to win.


Mouse40 said...

Congrats on 10000 hits!
Great blogcandy! Thanks for the chance to win!
I became a follower and posted a link on my blog:

Jenny V. said...

I forgot to post my favorite thing about blogging is seeong another peoples gorgeous creations.


Unknown said...

I am new to blogging, began in January, but already I feel like I know the owners of the blogs that I frequent. Also love seeing all the pictures, reading the stories, etc.

How exciting on the number of hits, that is truly fantastic.

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Congrats on 10.000 hits Kristen! Thanks for the chance to win your fab candy. What I like about blogs are tutorials. Love them! It doesn´t meen that I´ll use them but I like to see how things are made from scratch. I linked you on my blog as well and I do follow you. :)
x Natasha x

Ms. Cheryl said...

I must confess i have become addicted to blog hopping. I had a knee replacement 6 weeks ago and since i could not get mobile without assisstance and discomfort my laptop and i started hopping from blog to blog and... i love it. Even tho i can now get around with a cane i still start my day with MY favorite blogs. I have been following you for some time. I enjoy your card creations and find them inspiring.
What i look for in a blog is pictures, tutorials and giveaways.I like the tutorials with pictures best because i learn best by seeing the demo. I have added the giveaways as a catch because over the past 6 weeks it has given me something to look forward to. It has given me the feeling of interaction and made me feel less lonely.I've enjoyed reading other peoples comments and its made me feel like part of a special group.
I will post a link to your blog from mine. Thanks, ms.cheryl

Wiccababe said...

hi there,
ok working back the way - I'm definitely smiling: its almost the kids' bedtime!
I am following
I will go post your candy on my sidebar after I'm finished here
and finally what attracts me to someone's blog - well I love to see how other people make their cards and layouts especially since I recently started stamping. I gain a lot of inspiration from all those talented bloggers out there

Cassie said...

I am a follower, lol! :)
I love challenges and of course blog candy!!! :)

Janet said...

congrats on your hits:) that rocks!!

Michelle Quinno said...

Hmmm... I love several things about blogging. #1 is meeting people; #2 is for inspiration.

You KNOW I'm a follower! I will post a link on my blog. Love coming here to see your amazing cards!

I had these two punches in hand today at Mike's. I finally decided on the one on the right, got to the register and found out I couldn't use my coupon because they were on sale. I put it back with hopes that it's still there after the sale is over! LOL I love those Pink Cat stamps too!

Congrats on your hits!

Jodi said...

Congats on all the visits! What great giveaways! Absolutely love the Lily stamps (still on my wishlist) and I just saw those punches the other day, but had to hold off since I just bought a bunch of Copics. I already am a follower of yours :)

My favorite thing about blogs is the projects/pictures, and "meeting people". I am going to try and start working on some of the blog challenges to get myself in my craft room more often.

Thanks for the chance to win one of these fabulous goodies :) Off to link you on my blog.

Nikki said...

Hi Thanks for the chance I'll add you into my blog :)

Fave thing about bloggin is all the Great inspirational ideas and Challenges and of course the chance to win some Fantastic stuff too :)


Hege said...

My favorite thing about bloggs is all the inspirational pictures from fantastic projects.

I'll spred the word on my blogg!

Have a nice weekend!


Amanda said...

Congrats on 10,000+ hits! That's wonderful. What fab candy to celebrate. Thank you for your kindness. What I love most about blogs is the inspiration I gain from them as well as the fun challenges which sometimes gives me that extra push to create. I have added a link to your blog/candy on the sidebar of mine. :)

Christine said...

Hi congrats on your hits, fav thing about blogging wow must be all the inspiration I get from talented peeps, thanks for the chance to win, off to link you to my side bar.

Christine xx

Bunny B said...

I enjoy reading funny stories and the thoughts and ideas of others.
Thank you!

bunnybx at gmail . com

Christine said...

I don't think I have a favorite about blogging, well probably the friends I have met. I have only been blogging since mid January and I have already "met" so many people. But I also, love the inspiration I get from challenges and from looking at other peoples creations. I have many (to many to count) that I try to get around to see whats new at least once a week. I'm now addicted to blogging.

BTW, I found you through Carlz Cardz.

Cher said...

Hi...such a nice thing these blog candy thingys...I would love to follow you and of course spread the word too...Congrads to you on so many hits...we can't all win, but we try. Im pick my gift as I do not have any of what you offer lol...tyvm for the chance...your blog is lovely and I appreciate all the nice pics and great explanations...u are my new hero! Cher

Mary C said...

Wow Kristen, congrats on your 10,00 hits! Doesn't surprise me though, all your cards are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

Tracey said...

What fantastic candy!! I am so coveting those Lily stamps and the punches would be so fabulous too!!

As for blogs, I love to see lots of projects and inspiration but it is nice when people share a little of their lives too! :)

Thanks for the chance to win this awesome candy! I am off to link you up on my blog!!

jeanie de la rama said...

blogs are a great way to share things - art, ideas, any random things. thanks for a chance to play and congrats on the hits. i am already a follower and linked you up in my sidebar at :)

redstamper7 said...

I love blogging your site for the great paper art that you are kind enough to share! So many hits just echos my thoughts of how much I wish I had your talents. Keep up the great work and I will continue to stop by all the time!!

Becky T

Kevin Renz said...

Oh my Kristen, that is quite the choice! I love it all when it comes to blogs - a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but a lot of paper :)

Gail S. said...

Congratulations on all of your hits! I really like coming to visit your blog and am amazed that you have the time to blog with your busy life :). I work full time and have a family and just have time to "visit" blogs! One of the days, I will need to get up the nerve and start a blog but not yet! I really enjoy what people have to share, see their art, learn from them and find out a little about them. Thanks for a chance to win some wonderful things. Gail S. gslagle (at) nctc (dot) net

Nana Griffin said...

My favorite thing about a blog is the wonderful ideas that I find and the telling about the supplies used.
Also a little about the person is interesting.

Sue from Oregon said...

I tried to find these punches in the big city last weekend and they are no where to be found...lucky you!

Janna said...

Congratulations Kristen! How exciting and sweet of you to offer up blog candy.

I have to say my favorite part is the stories. I love good stories!


Cindy said...

There are some phenomenally talented crafters out there, and I feel blessed that they want to share their creativity with me. That's what I love about blogs. I get so inspired!!!

So, number 1, Check. ;D
Number 2, you are linked on the sidebar of my blog here. Check.
Number 3, already a follower. Check.
Number 4, I'm grinning ear to ear! Check!!!!

Debbie said...

I love getting new ideas and hearing about new stamp sets and products. It's also fun meeting lots of new people. You do a great job on your blog.

Stressed Stamper said...

Great candy...follow you already, leaving a link on my side bar...take care
My fave thing about blgging is it is "my" time, and seeing all the creations others have created is fantastic


Annelies said...

I love reading blogs to get inspiration, this can be by challenges or just by seeing other people's work. Here's my link . Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Arianne said...

Hi! What a great candy!
Thank you for the chance to win these! (Gotta love that Lily-the-fairy!)

Congrats on your hits!

Why do I love to bloghop?
I love challenges and I love the inspiration that I get from looking at other peoples amazing work.

You can see the post on my blog here.

retiredheather said...

I love meeting people from around the world. Its such fun to learn about them and I love seeing the differnt cards people make. I have done all you have requested and I am Smiling!

Sena said...

Congrats on your hits!!! Fabby candy! I love reading crafty blogs with tutorials. They help a great lot. Thank you for the chance. I have you linked at

Crystal said...

Congrats on 10,000 hits. Great candy giveaway, I hope I win!!!!
Off the tell others and I'm already a follower!!!

Lynne in NI said...

Congrats on your hits - I've only started blogging and don't imagine I'll ever get as many as that!!
My fave thing about blogs is the inspiration from beautiful cards and also the challenges.
Off to link you now!

Chrissy said...

Congratulations on so many hits! Will link your candy on my blog........which is new and has not so many hits. LOL
I love blogs for the cards, challenges and the stories of just everyday life.

Maia said...

What I most enjoy in a blog are pictures. It draws me in and I want to read more about it. Be it about projects or about life or about the food. Of course the humor of the poster keeps me coming back too.

Kristen Carll said...

wow congrats on sooo many hits! That is sooo awesome!! :)
My fav. thing about a blog is getting to know that artist and they're style. I love the see everyone's different personalities come. out! And of course, I love to get inspiration from them!
I will spread the word for you, and I am already a follower!
Thanks so much for an awesome chance!

Nancy Park said...

Congratulations!!! I am a follower of your blog, and enjoy it to the fullest. I enjoy blogging for fresh ideas. I have been stamping for 10 years and
find new ideas keep it at the top of my creative list. I also love, love, love your blog candy. The stamps are adorable and the punches a outstanding ( I bought 2 last week but could not afford any more).

Anita said...

Wow! Thanks for this opportunity. I put a link on my blog and I already follow you. My favorite thing about a blog is all the wonderful ideas I get on projects I would like to make.

Candy said...

I basically love everything in blogs. I like reading about people and their families. I'm interested in their lives and how much we all have in common.

If I had to pick on thing it would be the inspiration I get from all the lovely cards. Wow I am amazed at the talent out there.

I like the challenges too!! And I'm already a follower!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I am new to card making and stamping. I havent done much but I am having a blast. Just wanted to let you know that I think your creations are beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for letting me follow your blog! Congrats on the 10,000 hits.

StacyC said...

Hi, Congrats on 10,000 hits, that is awesome... I like to see tutorials and projects that people have made.. I will spread the word on my blog about your blog candy... I am a follower and do check your blog regularly... Thanks

TheAdorable said...

Hi Kisten.
My fav. thing on blogging is the inspiration i get from al the art work people show. Love yours to.
thanks for the change to win these great candy.
I've spread the word on my blog

lalalla said...

congrats on hits! here is my blog

Lori said...

What a great way to give blog candy! I love this question! Congratulations on 10,000 hits! Your blog is fabulous! I love blogging for the inspiration I get from reading tips, tutorials, seeing fantastic art work and videos! I feel like I am part of one big happy family. It really depends on the each individual blog I visit on what I like about them! I also love updating my own blog when I can. Hugs Lori R.
stamper572000 at yahoo dot com

Maria Matter said...

Hi Kristen!
That's some great calorie free candy...looks yummy!
What draws me to a blog first is, of course, the artwork. Then definitely the friendships you develope through commenting!
Congrats on all your hits, I've linked you up!!
blessings, Maria

Cheri said...

What I love about blogs are two things: you get to meet new people from all over the world, and you can share what you make with people who are always encouraging. Thanks for a chance to win - I'm off to link up your blog in my CandyBar at my blog, The Paper Freak.

Jackie said...

Wow - that's some wonderful blog candy! I just found you through Lori Renz but I am adding you to my Google Reader, your work is great! I will also spread the word. Congrats on your hits and here's to many more!

Jackie said...

Oops...favorite thing is pictures!

Scrapbookdoll said...

lov the art and the challenges and learn a lot :-)
i like the way you give away your blogcandy

Clara said...

What great blog candy! I love the ideas and inspiration you get from peoples blogs, but I think the thing I like most is the people themselves who share a part of their lives with you by the wonderful little stories and pictures they share with you.

sandyh50 said...

I love following blogs and have added yours to my Google REader! I really like looking at the creative projects and like tutorials for some of the techniques. I like product reviews of any new stuff you might have used and why you like it or don't like it. I am off to spread the work of your blog candy on my Fiskateers message board!

sandyh502001 at yahoo dot com

weze said...

I found you on the Fiskateer website which is a wonderful way to meet people. I like blogs that give me ideals but also are a pleasure to read.....personalization is a must!
I've enjoyed scoping yours out.
Thanx for a chance to win and congrats on hitting 10,000

Unknown said...

Congrats!!! What a great way to share :) I love looking for inspiration out there, and you have some fun ideas...thanks again!

Jenny B in Indy said...

WOW! You are very talented, love your work!!!

I love it all.. Personal stuff, pics of the kids, scrappy/stamp product reviews and of course, pics of gorgeous work :)

I'm going to post about this on my mommy scrap board :)

Marla said...

What I love most about blogs are challenges and looking at others work because these help me to keep inspired to scrapbook and get my photos caught up!!

Linda S. said...

I think the thing that draws me to a blog is the stamps and images used, then how well the artist describes how she/he actually make the card. Love tutorials, love candy, I just love blogs!!! Linda S. in NE

Anonymous said...

Hi...what a generous rak...thanks so much for sharing. My favorite part about blogs are the inspiration..whether it be crafting or personal. I love seeing projects and layouts that people have created. Thanks off to add a link from my blog. Sharon

Connie Mercer said...

Hi, found you from fiskars- love your blog. I like to blog hop and get ideas. very talented people out in blog land. I have book marked you and will pass you to more blog people. Congrats on 10,000 hits. WTG!!

Mardi said...

I am now a follower and spreading the word on my blog:

Carolina said...

Huge congrats on your hits - that's wonderful but not surprising given your amazing talent! Hugs & Smiles!!!

Kukusinka said...

Hi Kristen!
Congrats on your 10,000 hits!
I love your work and I like your blog!
I linked you on my blog

maiahs_momma said...

First of all, congrats on all your hits for your blog :)! I would have to say that my favorite thing about blogs would be the:
~info about new products
~the style of cards one makes too

I posted about your blog giveaway over on my blog:
Thank you so much for this chance to win some goodies :)!


doverdi said...

Congrats on your hits!!! My fav thing about blogging is the inspiration I get, the tutorials, ideas for storage, new product ideas, etc. There is just so much talent out there in blogland that it's easy to spend hours visiting blogs. Thanks for the chance.

Jacquie Hart said...

TY for the candy. The thing I like most about Blogs are the Challenges it gets me out of my head and onto creating, it gives me inspiration even when the NUSE is gone.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on 10K! YAY you.
I love blogging because it is an outlet for thoughts and creativity!
I've met some great people and learned sooooooooo much from others blogs.

I spread the word on the above link, but I don't know how to sign in with my typepad account. lol so you will see me as BLOGGER (and be directed to a new blog) until I figure it out. lol
Emily Davis

-Agnes- said...

Congrats, and thanks for the chance to win. I have linked you here. What I enjoy most about blogging is seeing all the inspiring creations, and I have picked up a few great tips, too.

Sammi said...

Hey there!!
Wow! Lovely giveaways...:)

My fav thing is lovely eye candy - BEAUTIFUL creations ... and I love the stories and I love the friendships!

Congrats on all those visitors! :)
Just spread the word a bit furthere on my blog.. and decided to follow you too! :)


Eadain said...

I love looking at blogs to inspire my own creativity!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I love seeing gift ideas. Congratulations on all your blog hits!

Erin said...

I just love your cute cards....Maybe you could do some tutorials.That would be fun.

Suzi said...

I'm usually drawn to a blog because someone else referred me there, but what I like most about "blurfing" is learning new ways to paper craft!

pattyb said...

Your Twilight Blinkie has me hooked...I will support anyone who loves Twilight...well not just because of that. I love challenges and giveaways and blogs that are honest and open. I also like advice...since I am still learning. Thanks for offering a great RAK...I will tell all my friends to come and play.

Sharon said...

I love to get to know other bloggers! Great giveaway - hope I win!


Froggy said...

What i love best about your blog is the cards you make..they are incredible!
I left a link to your blog here
Thanks for the chance to win!

C. Sage Deerborn said...

Congrats on your hits. I posted about you blog candy in the bar on the right side of my blog:
I love reading tutorials on blogs. It keeps me coming back.

Anonymous said...

your blog candy looks so yummy! here is my link to your candy:

More Blog Candy...

Chelle said...

great giveaway!!! my favorite thing about blogs are pictures. i love getting inspiration by seeing other projects!

CraftyRia said...

My favorite thing about your blog is the challenges and the inspiration! Thanks for all you do!

I posted a link on my blog:

Thanks for the chance at this wonderful blog candy! All three are great prizes, I'd be honored to win any of them.

Anonymous said...

I love the inspiration the blogs give. I also love the posts with

Congrats on your hits...

Debby said...

Wonderful blog candy Kristen. I follow your blog all the time. Love your projects.
Congrats on the hits and I did post on my blog about the blog candy.
Angel hugs

Anna Banana said...

Congrats on 10,000 hits - that is totally awesome :)
I guess I would be considered more of a lurker since I get your posts sent to my e-mail and probably have not commented as often as I should have ... but trust me when I say that I am delighted every time I see your blog on my feedblitz - I really love your art!!
I hope you have many more wonderful posts to inspire us!
Anna Banana

Lisa said...

I just love blog hopping so it's hard to pick my fav thing but think it has to be the inspiration I get from visiting the blogs of such talented crafters. Thanks for the chance to win ~ will leave a link on my blog. x

Ann Hedvig said...

Just love your blog candy :o)

What I like the most in a blog, is a little bit of everything, inspiration, links, family....

Yaritza said...

Congrats on hitting 10,000. The most I enjoy about blogs is the fact that people are so willing to share their crativity and ideas with us. At not charge. Just simply for the love of the art. It's amazing.

Teri said...

Hi Kristen :)

Super candy! Thank you for the chance to win!

I love blogging! You 'meet' such lovely people! You get such inspiration! Wonderful advice! Great chat!

I wouldn't be without it now :)

Teri xx

Sondra said...

All of that candy looks yummy! Thanks,

Anonymous said...

congrats on all the hits you've gotten, this is the first time i have been to your blog, very cute I must say! I love to blog hop and check everyones out, they are all so neat

Cardmaking Galore said...

Hi! So glad I found your blog, its really lovely. I love blogging because I learn so many techniques from other crafters - you get to share and learn. Plus, you get to know so many people!

Congrats on your hits - I'm off to link you on my sidebar. When does the blog candy close so I can put the date?

cpullum said...

I like blogs for the tips and new ideas!! it's so cool to see all the different ideas and crafts out there!
cpullum(at)yahoo(dot)com said...

wow... 10.000 hits?? congratulations!! thanks for the chance to win your wonderful candy. I've left a link on my candy box,

bye elisabetta from italy

Becky G. said...

Congrats, the thing I like most about blogging is the new people you can meet and second is all the wonderful pictures.

Katarina said...

I like when a blog has a lot of pics of craftstuff: projects, what tools are used, where the person creates and so on. I also like the people you meet and "see" on different challenges. The challenges and candies are great too... :)

I've written about your candy on my blog and I'm still smiling (even if it's not friday, lol)


Thanks for the chance. I love the stampset!

Pia said...

I love to see all the great cards that everyone else makes, then I try to make something myself.

tracy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tracy said...

Hi kirsten sorry had to delete last post as i didnt read properly i am already a follower i hope your foot is a lot better now ouch.
anyway it has to be the layout and tutorials and unusual ways that have been used and definetly discovering new stamps that you didn't know about people are so welcoming and helpful it gets me through the day to craft and then blog love it love it.
thanks for a chance to win
Tracy x

hello gorgeous said...

Hi Kristen, fab candy giveaway :D

The thing I LOVE most about blogs and blogging is that you get to see some of the truly stunning creations made by some truly lovely people AND you get to make friends along the way!! :)

Good luck to everyone who enters.

Take care lovely xxxxx

Carol O. said...

Looking forward to the possibility of winning. :)


Saskia said...

Thanks for sharing this great blogcandy!! Someone, somewhere will be very happy with it... I can only dream it's me :) !!

What I love to see on a blog are lovely creations with a personal touch... funny things too!!

Greetings from Belgium,


**your blog is at my 'candy-bar'**

Unknown said...

WOW, Great Giveaway! My favorite thing about the blogs is inspiration and beautiful creations that different people make all over the world:) What a great way to share ideas! Greetings from Lucia ( I'm yr subscriber:)

Melanie said...

WOW - great giveaway! My favorite things about blogs are meeting new people with the same interests and getting new ideas! congrats on all your hits and I hope to win! I entered your link on my blog!

Thanks, Melanie

slbt17 said...

I love the inspiration I get from blogs - seeing everyone's beautiful creations - I also love the tutorials - so I too can learn to make beautiful cards!
Congratulations on hitting 10000 - and keep them entries coming!

katrynka said...

I like blogs with a mix of things.. perhaps tidbits about family and/or pets, crafting ideas etc.

Carisa said...

I'm fairly new to the wonderful world of blogging (I know, get with the program, right?! LOL) I love all the inspiration and ideas from blogs. I never knew all the wonderful things that could be done just with paper and ink. I lov it!!!

bombamagagna said...

i love your creative space and obviously the challenges ;)

Stacey said...

Oooh, such lovely candy! Congrats on reaching 10k! My favourite thing about blogging are all the crafty people that I have met. None of my friends are in any way crafty so it is lovely for me to share my passion with like minded folk ~♥~

Zuza said...

I like your blog a lot, I'm happy that I've foun it. But I can't decide what I like best :)

Janet Swofford said...

I love the beautiful works of art and tutorials on how I can re-create them. I love following your blog! Thanks for the chance to win the great blog candy! Congrats on the 10000 hits.

Scott Franson Photography said...

I really enjoy all the inspiration you give us. I've linked you.

sanjo said...

Goodness, who wouldn't love to win your blog candy?! What I love about blogs are all the great cards and ideas presented and connecting with other stampers.

Carole RB said...

Hi congratulations for your 10,000 hits.
What I prefer on blogs are the nice artwork done, I mean cards.

Thanks a lot for giving us a chance to win!

btsoi. said...

Congrats on the hits!

I love seeing pictures of a project and if it's a crafty blog, I love seeing people's crafting spaces! Just because I don't have the space to have one, I like living vicariously through people :)

Sharon said...

I like blogs because it give you an insight into the creative experience of many ladies, their style of stamping, tutorials with pics, etc. and the chance meeting of many other stampers out there in cyber space.

Congrats on your 10,000 hits!
I've posted a link on my blog. Great blog candy, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Wow that's some sweet stuff there. Those stamps are lovely and anyone, including me would be delighted to win them. Thanks you so much for the chance to win them.

Anne said...

Great candy Kristen, I love photos and the storeis behind the card


miodo_oka said...

Congrats on 10000 hits!
Great blogcandy! Thanks for the chance to win!
I became a follower and posted a link on my blog:


iReneM said...

I love to see pics of all the beautiful creations by the talented bloggers out there.

Congrats on so many hits, Kristen.
I am now a happy follower and linked you to my sidebar


Betty Button said...

WOW, I like getting new project ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Lora said...

My fav thing about blogs is meeting people you wouldn't normaly meet and also seeing all sorts of projects that inspire you to try something new. Oh and of course the challenges :)
Congrats on all the hits. I'm off to link you in my sidebar and I am now a follwer too so I don't lose you again.
Hugs Lora x

Beti said...

Heya Hoooy!
Great ideas, great cards that you do, and great person that you are. That's why I'm comming back...All congrats to your hits!I've added your yummy and very usable candy on my sidebar! And the last term: :))))))))
Have fun!:))

jules said...

Well..what draws me is the different things you have on your blog.

I WILL follow you!

fitsandstarts said...

I love seeing other peoples' creations on their blogs.... : ) I have posted your link to the Candy Bowl on my blog and am now following yours!

Scrappy said...

Wow! This is great blog candy! That is so generous of you! Following your blog now, as I'm so impressed by your work already!

curlywhiskersandtwitchingnoses said...

I love blog-hopping & have met friends that are friends beyond the web. I love great photos, things people have made or done, love to hear about their lives and if it makes me laugh so much the better. So a perfect blog would make me envious (at how clever you are), happy, become a friend and laugh!!

Vivi Casale said...

Hi Kristen,
great candy you are offering!
Oh my, what I love about blogging is to see the wonderful creatitons that are done and get inspired by them and I learn every single day when I visit a blog...
Thanks for the chance to win it!
Vivi Casale

Betty said...

Blogging is fun because it feels like I am on a world tour!
Thanks for sharing- 10,000 hits- I wish!

Edys Gonçalves said...

Now I'm loving the challenges!!! So amazing!!


Krysti said...

Congrats on hitting that 10,000 mark!! new to your blog, but i love seeing so many other people i see on other blogs! Going to go peak around thanks for the chance!

Anonymous said...

Hi:) I live in Russia:) Wonderful Candy.
Thank you for the opportunity vygrat such beauty:)

Carla D said...

Hi Kirsten,

What I like about a blog. The inspirations that I get to make a card of my own. A little bit of me and a little of... somebody else :o)

Thanks for sharing your favorite items.
I left a link on my 'Candy bar' on my blog.


Cathy said...

Wow! That's some great looking candy, I have added you to my blog! My favorite part of blogging is meeting the people behind the blogs! Congrats on your hits!

Hugs Cathy

K said...

Congratulations on your many many hits and thanks for the chance :)
I love seeing the art in combination with the stories that are behind it.
I blogged your candy here
Bye, Kitty

Anonymous said...

Hi there -- You may have already chosen, but I wanted to answer anyway. I love the stories and the pictures the most. Thanks!

Alex said...


congratulations on reaching 10k!
And lovely candy you give away! Thanks for the chance!
My fav thing on a blog is challenges and the stories people share!
I'll put your candy in my side bar list!
Love, Alex

Cynthia Ferenz said...

Wow! 10K hits - CONGRATS!

I love the shared creations and the occasional funny story of something that happened. Some blogs I go to for the creations, some for the stories. Each has something different to offer.

Thanks for the try for some blog candy. Will spread the word.