Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3 clover thursday challenge, Digi Shack challenge & Catching up

WOW, I haven't posted in almost a week, and it isn't for lack of trying. My life has been absoultly CRAZY, but before I get into all that, let me share my card with you.

The card I made is for 2 different challenges. 1st, Digi Shack's Thursday challenge, which was a sketch challenge, and 2nd Three Clover Thursday challenge which was paper piecing. Don't you love when it works out like that.

I used one of the New Digi Shack's new images (they are available to purchase here). These new Lani images are FANTASTIC. I am having the best time palying with these and I LOVE Digi images.

I paper pieced her whole outfit and hat with Scenic Route DP, which I just purchased from Ink ABout it. I really like how this card turned out. I am not sure if you can tell the size by the photo, but this card is HUGE. It measures 4x8 1/2.

I then added a little glitter to get the sparkler effect and of course I started to get carried away and added it a few other places. Gotta love that stickles (hehehe). So, both Digi Shack and Three clovers Designs have a weekly challenge and we would love it if ypu could join us. Head on over and see what this weeks challenge is.

Okay, so, my life has been so nuts. As you know, my hubby broke is leg on Memoral day weekend and has been out of work since (driving me crazy, well, not to bad). He can't drive, so I have been driving the kids and us all over gods creation, T-ball, Soccer, Dr. appts, gymnastics, food shopping, b-day parties and so on.

On top of that, My dog Princess of 11 years got sick and we had to rush her to the vet last Wednesday. Her sugar was at a whopping 38, her heart was in bad shape and she was having seizures. We had to leave her there and WAIT! At 5pm that day, the vet called and told me that they were going to do some extensive (and expensive) blod tests, but things did not look good. We were told to prepare ourselve for a bad ending. Well, I was hysterical for 2 days. Because my vet does not have an overnight Dr, I had to drive Princess back and forth to a emergency vet in Manchester NH (approx 20 minutes from my house), so she could be watched over night. Anyways, $1100.00 later, we found out that she has Addisons disease and it is treatable with medication. Phew!!!! Thank GOD!!!!!!

Princess over the years has cost us a fortune, but she is worth every penny and I will take what ever time I have with her. Paul and I got herr before we got married and have had her since she was a puppy. Paul and I had moved to NC for his job and I was looking for a job, so we did npt have any money, but I really wanted a dog. SO, I sold my Beanie babies (when they were hot) and purchased Princess with that money at a Flea Market. Thats right, a flea market. Whatever, she has been a amazing dog and I cherish her!

Well, I am off to another day of running around. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I hope the sun is shining where ypou are!


Basement Stamper said...

Glad your puppy is doing good!!!

great card, love all the patterned paper for it!

Deby said...

Good news on Princess, bad news on your wallet! But what pricetag is there on love? Oh, cute card too. Love everything about it, especially the colors!

Michelle Quinno said...

So glad Princess is ok! She is very cute!!

Your card is awesome! Love your piercing job and that image!

Anne said...

Oh I'm so glad Princess is doing well. Animals give so much love and joy, heartbreak too. Please give her a hug from me :)

Peggy said...

I am so glad that princess is okay. I know how much you love her. I'm glad you are surviving Paul being home too.

The card looks great. Very You with the red, white and blue.

Pia said...

3 cheers for Princess, Paul, and the RedWhite and Blue