Thursday, September 10, 2009

Halloween Blog Candy!!!! Goo Punch

Well, we have gone back to school, the nights have started to get cooler, the fall clothes are all out, the Halloween costumes are starting to hit the store. That must mean one thing HALLOWEEN is approaching. My family and I LOVE halloween. No, we are not witches, or vampires, and no we do not believe in all the "spirit" kind of things, but we love to decorate our house and we have even won the city's decorating contest once. Actually, it is must husband who loves to decorate the house and he always does a fabulous job (he is pretty much 36 going on 16 when it comes to this). We run the neighborhood halloween party, and we just love everything about it.

SO, in celebration of of Halloween approaching, I am giving up some Bootiful blog candy. It includes 1. Martha Stewart goo punch. 1. Pak of Recollections Halloween cardstock paper pak. 1. Recollection Halloween stamp set.

So, here's the details.
1. Leave a comment of your favorite Halloween memory/or what you like/dislike about Halloween
2. Follow my blog
3. Link me up on your blog, so you can share the chance with your friends.

I will draw a winner using on Sunday September 13th. Good luck


cardsandacuppa said...

Oh wow we love to decorate our house too!! We LOVE halloween :0) My favourite time to make pumkin soup and pumkin cake.. Thanks for the chance to win, I would love to win the punch espesh (well it's all fab)Will link back straight away, I am already a follower.
Hugs Sarah-Jane xx

Jenny V. said...

Wow I just love how you decorated your house. I love halloween too! My favorite time for halloween is bring my son to the pumkin patch and pick a pumkin that he wants then decorating it together. I am already a follower and thanks for the chance to win.


Ksenia said...

well... we have no such holiday as halloween - so,i'd love to selebrate it!
I am already a follower.
Thanks for the chance to win.
My link is

Lynne in NI said...

Hi Kristen
Halloween is one of my favourite holidays - I love all those spooky cards and the litte 'uns all dressed up. But my favourite thing is my Mum's Halloween apple pie with its surprises - there's always a button, some money and a ring hidden inside! We just keep eating till we hit the jackpot! LOL!

Anita said...

How fun to decorate your house. Halloween for my family is that my husband and kids decorate at the local air museum and set up a "haunted" tour of airplanes.

Pia said...

Great blog candy Kristen. I just like seeing all the kids in their costumes. It is a pretty easy, no stress holiday!

Shelly said...

I just love Halloween especially dressing up and spending time with my family and friends. I'm now a follower and admire your work. Thanks for the chance to win.

Nikki said...

LOVE HALLOWEEN !!! We Decorate our house up all Scary .. last year a little too scary I've been told by kids .. who wouldn't get candy or from the parents bringing them out .. I think it was the dummy that was being hung from our porch with the nunce around his neck .. lol he looks real and scary too As a kid I loved trick or treating it was so much fun me and my sister use to go to my uncles last, he always dumped what ever he had left into our bags lol
I've linked you up and already follow your blog thanks for the chance at all your scary candy
Hugs Nikki C

ribenaruby said...

Boo-tiful candy! Would love to win, please enter me. Even though we don't celebrate in our neighbourhood, I still enjoy the halloween celebrations and the fun part of dressing spooky! Thanks for a fun and generous candy, already following and will link you.

Алена Кинчерова said...

Hello! I'm from Russia. Its a super candy! I added a link to my blog Thanks for a chance to win!

I love halloween party very much!

kareN stampZ said...

Halloween is just starting to be BIG down here I just love that kids can dress up, have fun & eat candy - sounds like heaven to me!

Liola said...

Hi Kristen!
I like pumpkin and Halloween party of course!
Thanks for the chance to win!!!
11 september - 5 anniversary of our wedding. And I hope this day will bring happiness to me!!!
I added a link to my blog
sorry my English

jan farnworth said...

i love decorating and getting to use all the cute halloween stamps on different projects.

Tanya said...

I love Helloween! For me this show!
All suits, scenery around.
We do not have this holiday, instead of it there is Purim.
4 years ago I was at friends in New York. It something grandiose!!!!! It was my favourite holiday!
Fantastic candy!!!!
Thanks for the chance to win!
Linked it on my side bar.
I want to be lucky winer :)
Welcome to my blog
Thanks and hugs...

btsoi. said...

We dressed my son up as a little monkey his first time out and he had the time of his life. He was literally screaming with joy and he didn't even care for the candy. I'm following you on my Google Reader. Thanks for the chance to win!

Creativika said...

Hi! What a great candy! Thanks for the chance to win! I linked it on the sidebar of my blog. And I am your follower.

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsten,
Unfortunately here in Holland they really don't celebrate Halloween :(
And I just love all the harvest things like the pumpkins and so.
So my best Halloween memory is from 3 years ago, I went to my relatives in the USA and went to Sixflags in New Jersey were they had everything in Halloween spirit and in teh evening was the Fright Night,that was ABSOLUTE AWESOME!
I also thoroughly enjoyed all the beautiful pumpkinpatches,we haven't got them either here in the Netherlands :(
Thanks for a chance to win all this beautiful Halloween craft candy.

Greetings from Stempelientje

Nataša said...

My favourite part of Halloween is picking up pumpkins with my little doughter and decorating them.
Thank you for the chance to win this fab candy. I've became your follower and put your link in my sidebar.
hugs, Natasa

maiahs_momma said...

I would have to say our favorite memory as a family for Halloween, would have to be the annual Halloween Harvest for the Hungry. Our church every year, goes out into the community Halloween night to get canned goods to goto the local food bank. Wow, what an amazing time the youth and anyone who comes to help out has.
I became a follower of your blog, I also posted about your blog candy on my blog:

Inky Hugs,

Crafty In Carolina Stamper said...

I love Halloween because it's during Fall and I LOVE Fall and all the decor and good things that go along with it. My favorite memories of Halloween are trick-or-treating when I was in Middle School with friends and taking pillow cases for our sacks and not coming home until they were almost too heavy to carry! Awesome blog candy, thanks for the chance to win =)

Anne said...

Wow! a great candy!

Halloween isn't a "old" traditon in Norway. But we have adopted it. I use to decorate a pumpkin. And the kids have costumes.

I have made a link on my sidebar and become a follower. Thanks for the chance to win!! =)

Happy halloween!

Kirsten...x said...

Wow great candy, i love everything about halloween... the colours are great all orange and black, and i adore the smell of pumkin so always lots of those in our house...thanks for the chance to win hugs kirsten...x

Heike's Creativeplace said...

Wow, i love Halloween and your house is decorated so wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win, i've linked you on my sidebar......


Unknown said...

Ohhh our favorite holiday here in our house. We love fake blood and being scared! Pumkinseeds and carving. Ohhh I can't wait!

Unknown said...

ok I am a follower1

connie said...

I love Halloween too! My favorite memory is taking the kids (now grandkids) trick or treating. They get so excited! I love the decorations!

I am a follower of your blog.

I don't have a blog to post on.

Thanks for a chance to win.

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh my gosh, how fun!!!!! I LOVE your yard cemetary! LOL!!! I wanna come knock on your door on Halloween. Thanks for the fun! hugs!!

jude said...

Just love Halloween,this year growing our own pumpkin,we decorate the house ,and usually have a halloween party.Plus excuse to dress up!!Already a follower,
thanks for chance to win this lovely colourful candy.
hugs jude

halaolla said...

Its a super candy! I

Donna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Donna said...

Hi Kristen. Great decorations! When my kids were little we used to decorate more than we do now but that was such a fun time. My favorite memory of Halloween was planning and dressing the kids in their costumes. I think my all time favorite was dressing my daughter as Oscar the Grouch. She had green pajamas that were the perfect color. We covered a frisbee with aluminum foil and attached it to her head. Then we painted her face and hands green. She was so cute! I love to look at pictures of them at Halloween. I love reading your blog; it comes every day to my email. I've added your candy to my sidebar at Have a fantastic weekend!

Cazzy said...

Wow - fab candy!

I love the little children coming round dressed up (had some bigger ones one year too), it is something fairly new in the U.K. compared to the USA so I didn't do it as a child, also the Nuns wouldn't have approved! We don't get many visitors, but I made candy boxes and waited ready!
I bought a little baby pumpkin last year and carved it and lit it outside but it was out when the children came round.

Cazzy x

Heather Gates said...

I remember in 1990 we had a MEGA BLIZZARD in Minnesota. My friends went trick or treating at my house and ended up being stranded there for three days.

Katarina said...

We don't really celebrate Halloween here in Sweden, but I like it anyway. Mostly because it gives me an excuse to get more papers, stamps and embelishments, lol. I also love autumn and this is second best to Christmas.

Thank you for the chance on your candy. I'm already a follower and I linked you on my candypost:


*Alison* said...

My favorite thing about halloween is, that my mom ever since we were born has made our halloween costumes. We get to pick out what we want, and she sews them for us. Now she does the same thing for our children and us both.. :) HUGS thanks for the chance to win..

Dragonlady said...

Hi Kristen

best thing about Halloween is seeing all the great costumes on the kids.

Following and linked on my sidebar

Ali x

Kim. said...

Lovely candy. My best but worst recollection of Halloween was the year we spent in Spain at the Universal Studios theme park. My older children were around 9 and this one particular ride was sooooo scary with real life chainsaws and spiders. My children refused to go back into the park for 2 days. We are so thankful that we did not take the younger ones onto the ride. Now that the eldest 2 are 20 they laugh about it everytime Halloween is mentioned.
Kim xXx

Loz said...

I'm now a follower...You know what I really dislike about Halloween?? Here in Australia it's NOTHING!! We don't celebrate any of it!! Real shame, I love how much fun you guys make it!!
Thanks for the great candy... perhaps making cards for my friends and family would start our scary celebrations....??

Edys Gonçalves said...

A wonderful candy!!!! In halloween I like the yummies!!!!! I'm a follower!

I linked at my sidebar:

Conservatory-Girl said...

coooooool candy! would love to win it

Conservatory-Girl said...

damn, forgot to write that I'm a follower and added a link in my sidebar

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